Song: Minority.
Artist: Green Day.
Album: Warning.
Year: 2000.


Song: True Believers.
Artist: The Bouncing Souls.
Album: How I Spent My Summer Vacation.
Year: 2001.


Song: Badfish.
Artist: Sublime.
Album: 40 oz. To Freedom.
Year: 1992.


Song: Craig.
Artist: Stephen Lynch.
Album: The Craig Machine.
Year: 2005.


Song: Don’t Start A Band.
Artist: Reel Big Fish.
Album: We’re Not Happy ‘Till You’re Happy.
Year: 2005.


Song: Da Hui.
Artist: The Offspring.
Album: Splinter.
Year: 2003.


Song: Smash It Up.
Artist: The Offspring, (Originally The Damned.)
Album: Rare Bonus Songs.
Year: 2004.


Song: Come Out Swinging.
Artist: The Offspring.
Album: Conspiracy of One.
Year: 2000.

This song helped me through a lot of tough times as a teenager.  As a kid growing up who really looked to punk rock for solace, hearing words that encouraged you to be tough even when you felt like you were getting your ass kicked was a literal lifesaver.


Song: Rush.
Artist: The Seatbelts.
Album: Cowboy Bebop OST.
Year: 1998.


Song: Fazil’s Friend.
Artist: Millencolin.
Album: Same Old Tunes.
Year: 1997.