Song: Mr. Clean.
Artist: Millencolin.
Album: Same Old Tunes.
Year: 1997.


Song: Spiderwebs.
Artist: No Doubt.
Album: Tragic Kingdom.
Year: 1995.


Song: Bathwater.
Artist: No Doubt.
Album: Return of Saturn.
Year: 2000.


Song: Trapped In A Box.
Artist: No Doubt.
Album: No Doubt.
Year: 1992.


Song: Just A Girl.
Artist: No Doubt.
Album: Tragic Kingdom.
Year: 1995.

Anonymous said: Where do you live? How did you get your hands on the album that early?

I am pretty good friends with a guy who works for Pentimento.

Anonymous said: Never ever?

If Tomas wants it openly available for download, which I assume is what will happen in the next few days once Victory throws its hissy fit, he’ll update the rdio account to offer downloads.

It’s his account.  If you look at the bottom, you’ll see “© 2013 Pentimento Music Co,” which is Tomas’ label.  Here’s a link if you didn’t know.

Anonymous said: Would you put toh kays version up for download?